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Video Essay–Facebook Visual Fragments

I used a documentary style in this video essay, shooting an ordinary college student’s facebook life, and interviewed about her visual experience on facebook, trying to elicit the phenmoena that Facebook fragmentize our vision unconciously. So the audience would be all people who have used Facebook, especially those Facebook addicts, enabling them to reconsider the visual fragments that Facebook have brought to us, are there meaningful or just a waste of time, or other thoughts could be sparkled?


Below was my outline for the Video Essay

Purpose of the piece: Exploring the visual experience about Facebook and enabling people to think further about the effects that such visual experience bring.  

Thesis: Our vision could be fragmentized when we see things on Facebook.

Theory:  Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure’s classical model of linguistic sign; Roland Barthes ‘s RHETOIC OF THE IMAGE.

Interview questions for the interviewee

1. What do you see on Facebook?

 2. Do you see things differently on Facebook?

3. Do you feel distracted when seeing on Facebook?

4.Do you have deep impressions on what you have seen on facebook?


Shooting : 9/23/2011

Interviewee: Olivia, student from CGU

When Editing: 9/24/2011-10/2/2011

Equipment: Sony Camera.