The Silence

We have seen too many typical digital storytellings: pictures with human voice,telling a personal story. How about making a digital storytelling without any personal voices? The question came to me not just once, and I have longed for finding a nice video to challenge the typical digital storytelling.

Luckily, I got one, Noah K’s <everyday>, he didn’t mean to finish such a video when he started his  project: taking a portrait photo of himself everyday by himself, but as things always happen unexpectedly, the assembling of these photos spur a magical and powerful effect, through which we could see a more consistent transition of Noah’s life— or to say a man’s growth in a obvious way, and we all get resonance for our growth that we have experienced.In this way, he didn’t need to speak, just his photos could consitute a good digital storytelling, even if without background song.

Therefore, if there is no personal voice accompanying pictures, the pictures or the the integration of the pictures have to be easy to understand, such as <everyday>, we could easily see a man’s growth through the different pictures flashing quickly, so the content is clear and strong enough, making human voice as explanation extra. Moreover, Noah must thank to the digital age since it just gave his project more possibilities to share with other people rather than photos, and obviously it gets heated discussion on Yoube evern the whole internet, which he could not have imgained.

However, the authencity of <Everyday> seems enhanced without personal voice, while other typical digital storytelling usually need it to prove authencity. Seeing is believing, sometimes  you don’t need to tell your story through voice.


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